By Invitation only: La Grand Maison hotel and restaurant in Bordeaux


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La Grand Maison hotel and restaurant in Bordeaux

Sarah Bromley


If there ever was a way to be greeted in the city of Bordeaux, surely nothing beats by Rolls Royce. Met promptly after we landed, we were driven through the charming streets of Bordeaux in a Rolls-Royce Phantom and arrived at La Grande Maison, ideally located just next to the city’s stunning public gardens.




Driving through its cast iron gates, La Grande Maison, an 18th century mansion, stands instantly impressive with it’s neo-classical façade, perfectly manicured gardens and a two-thousand year olive tree which is said to be ‘the guardian of wisdom’.




We are welcomed into a lobby of black and white checked floors, a winding majestic staircase and a featured collection of wines, all of that from one of the vineyards of co-owner Bernard Magrez. A hugely successful wine magnate, Magrez already owns forty-four vineyards and set his sights on making La GM into a hotel-restaurant project little over a year ago when he collaborated with acclaimed chef Joel Robuchon. Originally built in the late 19th century and owned by a Bordeaux lawyer, it’s a pleasure to see that many of it’s historical featured have been included in the restoration that has taken only a year.  




The original library that’s now used for the dining room is filled with original heavy weight legal reference books written in latin, his own initials still featured on the lobby staircase and original art juxtaposing against modern art on the walls. Even our room, one of the hotels six rooms only, has been named Passion d’une vie (Zest for life) which acts as a subtle reference to the original owner, and is where we stayed.



Set in the grounds of La Grande Maison, set slightly apart from the main building, we are struck by the sheer detail of the bold floral fabric wallpaper, rich red velvet bed details, high ceilings and sumptuous lighting as well as our French doors leading onto a private patio.




Ascetics aside, it’s the finer details that I find stand out and I wasn’t disappointed. Vases of freshly picked pink roses to match the walls, local delicacies (including macaroons, of course!) and a well thought out selection of ‘his and hers’ Hermes toiletries.

We headed into the dining room - we were lucky: after only being open a month, there is already a two month waiting list. There is already much excitement in Bordeaux over the fine-dining restaurant here. Headed by Michelin-star winning chef Joel Robuchon, the restaurant offers seasonal three course meals, to include some of the chef’s signature dishes that have earned him his reputation.

Already having applied for two Michelin stars, it’s no surprise the restaurant will soon be going for the third at the nearest opportunity. Each course that comes out is exceptional and presented like a work of art, with each course out-doing the last.

Expect caviar jelly in cauliflower cream, duck foie gras with truffles en cocotte and of course the famous potato puree. Robuchon is keen to bring back the French tradition of carving meat at the table, which the waiting staff perform like an act of professional theatre, leaving us in awe and anticipation of our dinner.

The Sommelier is in an equal league of his own, carefully matching each course to one of the locally produced wine from a menu of two hundred and fifty-nine options. Owner of 4 Grands Crus Classés in Bordeaux, Bernard Magrez wanted to have an exceptional wine list which no other restaurant in the world can outclass, offering all the Grands Crus Classés and similar wines from Bordeaux. The chef has to thank him for heightening the food flavors.

After finishing our meal with an impressive selection of cheeses and an array of tantalizing looking deserts, we retired to the plush L’Olivier lounge bar for the perfect place to relax with desert wine. This location is also where the hotel serves its luxury breakfasts and afternoon teas and is set to also act as a more casual restaurant later this year. If the waiting list wasn’t clue enough, this place is quickly taking Bordeaux by storm. And thanks to Bernard Magrez, the wine industry that was once a closed close knit circle for that of the locals, is now welcoming tourists with an exquisite taste into it’s world.


Sarah Bromley and her photographer flew with British Airways from London Heathrow to Bordeau Airport – flights start at 89 pounds. Airport/train station transfers in a Rolls Royce Phantom are available for €500, or complimentary if you are booking three nights or more.
To stay at La Grande Maison, rooms are priced from €345 with a continental breakfast included.
The fine-dining restaurant menu starts at €100 per person, with drinks and wine not included.

La Grande Maison
10 rue Labottière
, F-33000 Bordeaux, France
Reservations: reservation@lgmbordeaux.com
Telephone: +33-5-35 38 16 16  
Website: www.lagrandemaison-bordeaux.com

Hotel and Restaurants open 7 days a week
Hotel accessible to people with reduced mobility
Free Wi-Fi
, Private parking, valet service, 24h Room service

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