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About Us:

Elegant-Lifestyle.com is the leading up-market lifestyle portal and magazine for luxury goods:
This means lxury lifestyle information and entertainment with reliable and independent advice.

The head office of Elegant-Lifestyle Ltd. is based in London, England. With more than 90% of all 
luxury goods and top quality products coming from Europe, we are ideally positioned to serve 
the information needs and interests of our readers from the United Kingdom and world-wide.

E-mail addresses of Elegant-Lifestyle Ltd. are as follows:
For advertisers interested in advertising on Elegant-Lifestyle.com: adsales@elegant-lifestyle.com
For readers with questions for Elegant-Lifestyle.com: editors@elegant-lifestyle.com

The head office mail address of Elegant-Lifestyle Ltd. is:

Elegant-Lifestyle Ltd.
207 Regent Street, 3rd Floor
London W1B 3HH
United Kingdom

The web address of Elegant-Lifestyle Ltd. is: www.elegant-lifestyle.com

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