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Classic Entertaining 
by Henrietta Spencer-Churchill

Classic Entertaining by Henrietta Spencer-Churchill evokes visions of fine table linen, sparkling glasses, polished silver, classic porcelain and exquisite flower decorations. As the daughter of the 11th Duke of Marlborough she grew up in Blenheim Palace in England and is also a graduate of the famous Inchbald School of Design in London. She not only gives excellent advice on how to lay and decorate tables but also analyses the modern classic style of dining. The pictures in this book are sumptuous and some of the photos are taken at some grand old English mansions and French Chateaus. There are many inspiring ideas not only for the English traditional afternoon tea and picknicks but also for festive occasions such as Christmas, New Year or Easter.  If Ms. Spencer-Churchill does not know how to entertain in style, nobody does.

Hardcover, 160 pages, 12 x 9.4 inches
Amazon Price: US$ 32, GBP 25, EUR 40

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