Best Books: Waddesdon Manor: The Heritage of a Rothschild House


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Waddesdon Manor: 
The Heritage of a Rothschild House

by Michael Hall, John Bigelow Taylor 
(Photographer) and Lord Rothschild

Waddesdon Manor: The Heritage of a Rothschild House by Michael Hall, photographer John Bigelow Taylor and Lord Rothschild is a splendid coffee table book celebrating one of the few chateau style country houses in Britain. This grand house is now open to the public and also as for private entertainment.  The Rothschilds have built this follie quite some time ago and, in the Rothschild tradition, it also offers wine tastings for its own English wine.  The book itself gives you a pretty good idea about the history as well as how Waddesdon looks like today - an enjoyable coffee table journey for the connoisseur.

Hardcover, 320 pages, 12.3 x 10.5 inches
Amazon Price: US$ 46, GBP 45, EUR 77

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