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Gieves and Hawkes
at Number One Savile Row in London

Number One Savile Row, the headquarters and flag ship store of Gieves & Hawkes, the most venerable British tailor, was built in 1732. Originally No. 1 Savile Row was the town house of the Fairfax family. In 1871, ownership passed to the Royal Geographical Society, which added the magnificent Map Room and galleried Library which remain the focal point of the fine interiors today. Gieves & Hawkes acquired the building in 1912 at a time when international reputation of Savile Row, the famous street and centre for fine craft tailoring was growing. In 1926 the first limited collection of ready-to-wear garments was introduced to supplement bespoke tailoring. However, Gieves & Hawkes’ reputation has always been based on true bespoke tailoring. Recently, the ready-to-wear collection has been expanded to include trendy men’s clothing and matching accessories. Gieves & Hawkes have always had a very sought-after customer list. Early customers were such historic figures as Admiral Nelson (1758–1805), who won the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 and the famous Duke of Wellington (1769–1852) who won the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. In the 18th century Gieves & Hawkes were also very much known for the creation of intricate uniforms and sumptuous ceremonial dress.

All over the world, 'Savile Row' stands for the very best in English men's tailoring and it is the fitting that has made Gieves & Hawkes the Number 1 of Savile Row. Originally, the company was formed through the merger of two famous businesses: Gieves, which was founded in 1785 and Hawkes which came into being in 1771. Since then they have welcomed a passing parade of famous customers whose names would fill a book. The magnificent full dress occasions of British State Ceremonials have been embellished and enriched by Gieves & Hawkes craftsmen's skills. Overseas monarchs and leaders have looked Gieves & Hawkes to meet their own exacting requirements. Gieves & Hawkes are proud to have been granted the three Royal Warrants of Appointment to HM The Queen, Queen Elisabeth, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, and HRH The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles. These three Royal Warrants are just the latest example of 200 years of continued service to successive British Monarchs. The first such warrant was granted in 1809 during the reign of King George III.

Tailoring has always been an intensely personal business. These days, the challenge for Gieves & Hawkes is to provide the same personal touch to a fast-growing number of customers, adapting to their current lifestyles, to modern fabrics and to society's ever-changing ideas on how to look one's best. Gieves & Hawkes have developed a personal visiting tailor service to create a new standard of service within the City of London. Gieves & Hawkes will come to their customer’s office, measure them and keep all their details on file. This will enable you to order order whatever you need, whether you require a shirt a personally tailored or ready-to-wear suit, or even an outfit for a weekend away. In addition, there is the ready-to-wear ‘Gieves Collection’ that keeps its finger on the pulse of today's fashion and attracts a trendy crowd that enjoys sophisticated casual clothing. Gieves & Hawkes offer the very best of modern style in superb quality and with attention to detail.

There is a further adantage to the personal visiting tailor service – a suit will cost no more than if bought at the Gieves & Hawkes shop at No. 1 Savile Row. For long time customers where Gieves & Hawkes know the customer’s preferred size and style, the tailors will deliver clothes for any occasion. Also, for weddings Gieves & Hawkes offer a full wedding service with an elegant selection of ready-to-wear morning suits. The alternative is of course to have one’s own bespoke morning suit made. The advantage of having one’s own bespoke morning suit is that apart from wearing it at one’s own wedding, the morning suit can be worn at other weddings or at smart horse races. Gieves & Hawkes have an incredible choice of fabrics. For suits there 40,000 different patterns of cloth. For bespoke shirts there are around 1,000 different types of cloth designs available. Should this still not be sufficient, Gieves & Hawkes will happily obtain any pattern that the customer requires. A Gieves & Hawkes bespoke morning suit is a long term investment. 

For a hand-made two-piece bespoke suit (think of a Bentley, Rolls-Royce or Aston Martin) prices start from £2,250 incl. VAT with an average of £2,400 incl. VAT and £2,700 incl. VAT for a three-piece suit. There is also the option of ‘semi-automated’ made-to-measure, which Gieves & Hawkes call ‘personal tailoring’ (think of a Jaguar, Morgan or Land Rover), where prices start from £595 incl. VAT. Bespoke shirts are from £140 incl. VAT upwards, with £10 for each hand-stitched monogram letter. There is no minimum order with shirts. If you are seeking a bespoke suit or shirt, making an appointment is always advisable. The making of the suit will take around eight weeks and the shirt around three months from first measurement to the final piece. For London and the Home Counties around London Gieves & Hawkes offer their personal visiting tailor service. Gieves & Hawkes’ opening hours are: 
Monday to Thursday 9.30am-6.30pm, Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 10am-6pm. 
Gieves & Hawkes
1 Savile Row, London Mayfair W1X 2JR, Great Britain
Tel: +44-20-7434 2001, Fax: +44-20-7437 1092
e-mail: gieves@gievesandhawkes.com
website: www.gievesandhawkes.com

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