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Paris Guide or with photos for hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment.
Paris Entertainment
Entertainment: Museum, Opera, Theatre, Cabaret, Bar and Night Club; Best sites to see are Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame (see there), l'Arc de Triomphe and Hotel des Invalides (Napoleon's Tomb)

(80) Bains Douches, Les; Entertainment: Night Club; Les Bains Douches is the institution in Parisian nightlife (designed by Philippe Starck) the designers, models (enjoying their free champagne) and jeunesse d'oree prefer Wednesdays and Sundays and avoid Fridays and Saturdays, gay nights on Mondays, Jean-Paul Gaultier likes to come, booking a restaurant table is the easy way to get in; Tel: +33-1-4887 0180; 7 rue du Bourg-l'Abbe; 75003 Paris 3e ; Open: Mon-Sun 11.30pm-6am; Metro: Etienne Marcel / Reamur-Sebastopol; website: no website available yet

 (81) Bar Fly, Le; Entertainment: Bar & Restaurant; Bar Fly (B Fly) is a very trendy bar and restaurant creation by Raymond Visan, not only popular as restaurant and bar but also for lavish functions, Charles Bukowski gave the name and Mikey Rourke was here, carte around EUR 60; Tel: +33-1-5367 8460; Fax: +33-1-5367 8467; 49-51 Avenue George V; 75008 Paris 8e ; Open: Sun-Fri noon-3pm, Mon-Sun 6pm-2am; Metro: George V; website: no website available yet

 (82) Buddha Bar; Entertainment: Bar & Restaurant; Buddha Bar is the place where you can see five beautiful young girls in fur-coats and nobody will bat an eyelid, the big golden Buddha dominates the place, bar upstairs overlooking the restaurant downstairs, cuisine is California meets Japan, chefs: Kasuto & Vicky-Fan Mastsuka, lunch EUR 30, carte EUR 50; Tel: +33-1-5305 9000; Fax: +33-1-5305 9009; 8 rue Boissey d'Anglas; 75008 Paris 8e ; Open: Mon-Sat noon-3pm, 6pm-2am, DJs from 10pm; Metro: Concorde; website: no website available yet

Centre Pompidou (c) CentrePompidou (83) Centre Pompidou; Entertainment: Museum; The Centre Pompidou (Musee National d'Art Moderne) is a modern alien from the 1970's in the charming Quartier Marais, it exhibits modern art of the 20th century, Cafe Beaubourg next to it is ideal for recovery afterwards; Tel: +33-1-4478 1233; Place George Pompidou; 75004 Paris 4e ; Open: Wed-Mon 11am-9pm; Metro: Hotel-de-Ville / Rambuteau; website: www.cnac-gp.fr

 (84) Comedie Francaise; Entertainment: Ballet, Opera & Theatre; The Comedie Francaise, located in a beautiful old building, dates back to 1680 and is the institution for classical French drama, such as Racine, Moliere or Marivaux, tickets EUR 5-60; Tel: +33-1-4458 1515; 2 rue de Richelieu; 75001 Paris 1er ; Open: Box office: Mon-Sun 11am-6pm; Metro: Palais-Royal; website: www.comedie-francaise.fr

(85) Crazy Horse Paris; Entertainment: Cabaret; Gentleman - this show is hot - and you probably need at least one bottle of champagne to keep you cool, and ladies this is excellent entertainment - the only thing I regretted was that they did not sell one of these nice little outfits at the souvenir shop outside, EUR 70 (two drinks)- EUR 90 (champagne), also EUR 130-180 incl. dinner arangement; Tel: +33-1-4723 3232; Fax: +33-1-4723 4826; 12 avenue George V; 75008 Paris 8e ; Open: Sun-Fri 8.30 & 11pm, Sat 7.30, 9.45 & 11.50pm (Sat varies by month, Sat in Jul-Aug 8.30 & 11pm); Metro: Alma Marceau; website: www.crazy-horse.fr Crazy Horse (c) Elegant-Lifestyle

Harrys New York Bar (c) Elegant-Lifestyle (86) Harry's New York Bar; Entertainment: Bar; The legendary Harry's New York Bar, Europe's Traditional Cocktail Bar, was founded in 1911 and is the birthplace of famous drinks such as the Bloody Mary, Sidecar and White Lady, with guests such as Ernest Hemingway and Scott F. Fitzgerald; Tel: +33-1-4261 7114; Fax: +33-1-4261 5899; 5 rue Daunou; 75002 Paris 2e ; Open: Mon-Sun 10.30am-4pm; Metro: Opera; website: no website available yet

 (87) Jardin du Luxembourg; Entertainment: Building & Garden; Especially in spring, the Jardin du Luxembourg is the ideal park in Paris for a relaxing stroll in an uplifting atmosphere, also thanks to its Palais du Luxembourg, built by Marie de Medicis, wife of Henry IV, in 1612; Tel: +33-1-4461 2089; Boulevard Saint-Michel; 75006 Paris 6e ; Open: Garden: Mon-Fri 7.30am-dusk (Dec-Feb 8.30am-dusk), Palais: 1st Sun each month with reservation 45 FF; Metro: Odeon / Luxembourg; website: no website available yet

 (88) Lido de Paris; Entertainment: Cabaret; The Lido with its 60 Bluebell girls makes a real grand impression with its show, including ballet in the air, in water or on ice in 600 different lavish costumes, dress up, dinner created by Paul Bocuse, dinner around EUR 150, show EUR 90 (both incl. 1/2 champagne), bar show EUR 70; Tel: +33-1-4076 5610; Fax: +33-1-4561 1941; 116 avenue des Champs-Elysees; 75008 Paris 8e ; Open: Mon-Sun 8pm for dinner, for show 10pm or at midnight; Metro: George V; website: www.lido.fr

(89) Man Ray; Entertainment: Bar & Restaurant; The Man Ray bar restaurant has a trendy interior with a slightly oriental touch, guest list from Ivana Trump to Simply Red's Mick Hucknall, the best mood is during the week at night, Friday nights is club night: no tables but dance floor, chef: Georges Vernotte, lunch EUR 22, dinner around EUR 50, a la carte EUR 60; Tel: +33-1-5688 3636; Fax: +33-1-4359 5626; 34 rue Marbeuf; 75008 Paris 8e ; Open: Restaurant: Mon-Fri noon-2.30pm, Mon-Sun 7.30-12.30pm, Fri from 8pm, Bar: Mon-Sun 6pm-2am, Fri -5pm (club night); Metro: Franklin-Roosevelt / Alma Marceau; e-mail: contact@manray.fr; website: www.manray.fr Man Ray (c) Man Ray

Moulin Rouge (c) J Habas (90) Moulin Rouge, Bal du; Entertainment: Cabaret; First opened in 1889, Moulin Rouge is the place where the famous cancan dance was invented, immortalized by Toulouse-Lautrec in his paintings - these days shows the cancan with bare-breasted women, which makes it a hot night out, show EUR 90, show and dinner EUR 150; Tel: +33-1-5309 8282; Fax: +33-1-4606 4006; 82 boulevard de Clichy; 75018 Paris 18e ; Open: Mon-Sun 9pm or 11pm (dinner 7pm); Metro: Blanche; e-mail: information@moulinrouge.fr; website: www.moulin-rouge.com

 (91) Musee d'Orsay; Entertainment: Museum; The Musee National d'Orsay was opened in 1986 in an old Beaux-Art Train Station from 1900, it shows French painters from 1848-1914, such as Monet, Van Gogh, Manet, Renoir and Courbet; Tel: +33-1-4049 4814; 1 rue de la Legion d'Honeur; 75007 Paris 7e ; Open: Tue-Sat 10am-6pm, Thu -10pm, Sun 9am-6pm; Metro: Solferino; website: www.musee-orsay.fr

 (92) Musee du Louvre; Entertainment: Museum; Napoleon assembled this comprehensive art collection, the statue of the Venus of Milo, da Vinci's smiling Mona Lisa and many, many more, Cafe Marly (see separate listing) with its high ceilings in the Richelieu wing is ideal for a break afterwards; Tel: +33-1-4020 5317; Court Napoleon; 75001 Paris 1er ; Open: Mon & Wed 9am-9.45pm, Thu-Sun 9am-6pm; Metro: Palais-Royal-Musee-du-Louvre; website: www.louvre.fr

 (93) Musee Picasso; Entertainment: Museum; The Musee National Picasso is located in a spacious superb townhouse in the Marais quarter, this is the museum for Picasso lovers from his blue period to the end; Tel: +33-1-4271 2521; Fax: +33-1-4804 7546; 5 rue de Thorigny; 75003 Paris 3e ; Open: Wed-Mon 9.30am-6pm, Oct.-Mar. -5.30pm; Metro: Chemin-Vert / St-Paul; website: no website available yet

Musee Rodin (c) Jerome Manoukian (94) Musee Rodin; Entertainment: Museum; If you like Rodin and his sculptures or not, the town palace Rodin Museum with its lavish garden, where Rodin used to live, makes it worth-while visit alone; Tel: +33-1-4418 5110; Fax: +33-1-4551 1752; 77 rue de Varenne; 75007 Paris 7e ; Open: Tue-Sun 9.30am-5.45pm, garden -6.35pm; Metro: Varenne; e-mail: penseur@musee-rodin.fr; website: www.musee-rodin.fr

 (95) Notre-Dame, Cathedrale de; Entertainment: Building & Garden; The building of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame started in the 12th century and it has seen many big days such as the self-crowing of emperor Napoleon in 1804, towers and crypt; Tel: +33-1-4234 5610; 6 place du parvis Notre-Dame; 75004 Paris 4e ; Open: Mon-Sun 8am-6.45pm (towers and crypt Mon-Sun 9.30am-6pm (Oct-Mar 10am-4.15pm)); Metro: Cite / St-Michel; website: no website available yet

 (96) Opera de la Bastille; Entertainment: Ballet, Opera & Theatre; The Opera de la Bastille opened for the bicenntenial of the French Revolution in 1989 and it is one of the grand modern buildings commissioned by the late President Francois Mitterand - with 3000 seats it is now the main opera house in Paris; Tel: +33-8-3669 7868; Place de la Bastille; 75012 Paris 12e ; Open: Box office: Mon-Sat 11am-6pm, usually closed in July & August; Metro: Bastille; website: www.opera-de-paris.fr

Opera Garnier (c) Opera Garnier (97) Opera Garnier; Entertainment: Ballet, Opera & Theatre; The beautiful old rococo Opera Garnier has occasional performances of the Opera de Paris and houses the Ballet de l'Opera National de Paris - thus a bigger focus is put on dance performances nowadays; Tel: +33-8-3669 7868; Place de l'Opera; 75009 Paris 9e ; Open: Box office: Mon-Sun 11am-6.30pm; Metro: Opera; website: www.opera-de-paris.fr

 (98) Petit Palais; Entertainment: Museum; The Petit Palais is a small palace facing the Grand Palais (both from 1900), houses a permanent art collection, including 19th century French paintings, as well as temporary exhibitions; Tel: +33-1-4265 1273; Avenue Winston-Churchill; 75008 Paris 8e ; Open: Tue-Sun 10am-5.40pm; Metro: Champs-Elysees; website: no website available yet

Versailles (c) Christian Milet (99) Versailles, Chateau de; Entertainment: Building & Garden; The Chateau de Versailles commissioned by King Louis XIV, about 20 km South-West of Paris, is always worth a day trip, not only for the Chateau with its famous hall of mirrors by Le Vau and Le Brun, but also its huge formal gardens designed by Le Notre; Tel: +33-1-3083 7800; ; Versailles ; Open: Chateau: Tue-Sun 9am-6.30pm (Oct-Apr -5.30pm), Gardens: Mon-Sun dawn-dusk; Metro: RER C Versailles-Rive Gauche; website: www.chateauversailles.fr

(100) VIP Room; Entertainment: Night Club; Jean Roch's VIP Room is one of the few exclusive night clubs with a dance floor, lounge, VIP terrace and red velvet separees, where the VIPs are still safe, guests included Richard Branson, Pierce Brosnam, Garry Halliwell and Robbie Williams; Tel: +33-1-5669 1666; Fax: +33-1-5669 1669; 76-78 avenue des Champs-Elysees; 75008 Paris 8e ; Open: Tue-Sun 11.30-6am; Metro: George V; website: www.viproom.net

Paris Guide or with photos for hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment.

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