A Question of Luxury: Anouska Hempel


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Anouska Hempel
founder of the Hempel and Blakes hotel

1. What is your favourite shop?
Takashimaya in New York for the eccentricity of the place and the wonderful waste of space.
2. Your favourite restaurant and why?
Blakes London - so I can boss everyone about!
3. And your favourite hotel, and why?
The Al Bustan Palace in Oman. The service is extraordinary.
4. Where have you received the best customer service?
Polo Ralph Lauren.
5. What do you dislike?
Anything mediocre - I like a major statement.
6. Who or what has been your biggest influence?
Masses of people - from the Italian masters and Leonardo to Sir John Soane - but all from the past.
I do also like certain things by John Pawson.
7. Is beauty or function more important?
Beauty. Great beauty is usually very workable and function follows.
8. What do you need to relax?
A sleeping tablet.
9. Where would your ideal holiday be?
Any of Adrian Zecha’s Aman Resorts.
10. What is your favourite item of clothing?
My shahtoosh. It’s seven years old and threadbare.
11. What is your favourite fragrance?
Ginger lily.
12. What is your ideal watch?
A 1920s Rolex.
13. And your ideal car?
The new 2-door Bentley Continental - to follow rather than to own!
14. Which luxury company currently has the best ads?
Louis Vuitton.
15. Do you collect anything, or would you like to?
All sorts of things - pens, watches, antique jewellery, shoes.
16. What is your most treasured possession?
My husband.
17. What was your most recent luxury purchase?
A crystal bust which I bought for a Van Cleef & Arpels interior.
18. What are you currently dreaming of buying?
Another boat - a Turkish gület –for the chef, crew and children.
19. Who do you tip to watch over the next 10 years?
There are too many talents to choose from.
20. What do you predict will be the biggest trends this century?
I think there will be a reaction to technology and a trend away from minimalism and back
towards more opulence. There will more comfort zoning in people’s surroundings. 

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