A Question of Luxury: Roger Saul


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Roger Saul
Founder of Mulberry*

1. What is your favourite shop?
Corso Como in Milan; and it will be the reincarnated Mulberry flagship
in Bond Street as of September 2001.
2. Your favourite restaurantand why?
Nobu and Markís Club. Two extremes. Nobu satisfies my passion for Japanese food; Markís because the service, ambience and cuisine are just as the best club should be.
3. And your favourite hotel?
Charlton House - sorry, itís my own, but Iím so proud of it!
4. Where have you received the best customer service?
Ziani restaurant in Radnor Walk.
5. What do you dislike?
Arrogance, lack of eye contact and being left waiting at reception when you check into a hotel.
6. Who or what has been your biggest influence?
My wife, my children, my parents.
7. Is beauty or function more important?
My dream is to combine the two.
8. What do you need to relax?
Gardening and historic car racing.
9. Where would your ideal holiday be?
Tresco, off Cornwall, or aboard a yacht in the West Indies.
10. What is your favourite item of clothing?
My Hunting Stewart check trousers.
11. What is your favourite fragrance?
An Italian tuberose scent I bought for Monty 10 years ago in Milano. 
I canít find it now -help!
12. What is your ideal watch?
A black Mulberry chronograph I designed in 1983.
13. And your ideal car?
That for me is a big one as I race historic cars, so it would
depend on the event, but either an Alfa 8, Maserati 300S or ERA.
14. Which luxury company currently has the best ads?
Iím not overly impressed at the moment. Thereís a lot of Ďin your face sex.í
15. What was your most recent luxury purchase?
A Trium Mondo. Itís the first PDA to offer telecommunications.

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