A Question of Luxury: Trevor Pickett


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Trevor Pickett
Founder of Pickett*

1. What is your favourite shop?
Goodbrey in Framlingham, Suffolk ­ antique and modern items of different
styles are put together with a great eye.
2. Your favourite restaurant and why?
Le Caprice and Cecconis. Customer service in both is faultless, with attentive staff.
3. And your favourite hotel?
I¹m not really a hotel person, but liked the Ws in New York and Sydney, and
the Morrison, Dublin.
4. Where have you received the best customer service?
Clive Darby at Richard James. He has the ability to make me buy a key piece
I would normally shy away from.
5. What do you dislike?
Sales assistants who lack the ability and imaginationto create a sale. 
6. Who or what has been your biggest influence?
Diana Levene who created N Peal.
7. Is beauty or function more important?
Beauty wins as it is more spiritually uplifting, inspiring and pleasing to the eye.
8. What do you do to relax?
Ride my horses ­ away from my mobile phone.
9. Where would your ideal holiday be?
A city ­ probably European.
10. What is your favourite item of clothing?
Gold acorn cufflinks by Emma Willis, which she had especially made for me.
They go well with her delicious shirts.
11. What is your favourite fragrance?
L¹Artisan Parfumer¹s Thé Pour Un Eté for day and Amber for evening, but
nobody can beat Jo Malone¹s wonderful bath oil.
12. What is your ideal watch?
The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso.
13. And your ideal car?
I have a 15-year-old hand-me-down Saab, but secretly I dream of a 411 Bristol in navy. 
14. Which luxury company currently has the best ads?
Not desperately impressed by any at the moment. Recent ones that made an
impression are the LV Art of Travelling, Tanner Krolle¹s X-rays and the
Asprey black and white ones.
15. Do you collect anything, or would you like to?
Art, and it's proving to be expensive. I am Chairman of the Schools Patrons
at the Royal Academy; and each visit seems to include a purchase!
16. What is your most treasured possession?
Teasle, my lurcher. She puts up with me and agrees with everything I say.
17. What was your most recent luxury purchase?
A pair of Charles X console tables in walnut with black granite tops.
18. What are you currently dreaming of buying?
Two pairs of Santoni shoes at Duffer of St George ­ they are so comfortable.
19. Who do you tip to watch over the next 10 years?
Reema Pachachi has closed her business to take creative control at the De
Beers LVMH venture. I like her style.
20. What do you predict will be the biggest trend this century?
I fear that choice and variety and individuality are being paired down by
brands run by accountants, which leads to a smaller and less interesting selection.

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