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Luxury  Train Books

'Murder on the Orient Express' by Agatha Christie (1933):

A 'must read' is the classic 'Murder on the Orient Express' by Agatha Christie. Here you will find Belgian detective Hercule Poirot mingling with Russian princesses, American millionaires, Hungarian diplomats and British colonels on the famous 'Orient Express' which gets stuck in a snow drift in the Balkans.

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'Luxus Zuege' (in German) by Heimo Aga (1997):
A fabulous book on contemporary luxury trains has been written by Heimo Aga also in German 'Luxus Zuge'. Huge colour photos of many of the luxury train journeys depicted in our feature. This highly glossy coffee table book recounts the adventures of Austrian journalist Aga on trains all over the world.
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'Venice Simplon Orient-Express The World's Most Celebrated Train' by Shirley Sherwood (1996):
One of the most authoritative books available is 'Venice Simplon Orient-Express The World's Most Celebrated Train' by Shirley Sherwood. After the last trip of the Orient-Express in 1977, her husband bought original Orient-Express carriages at the Sotheby's sale in Monte Carlo. The train went on its inaugural voyage in 1982 and has been in operation ever since. 

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'125 years Compagnie Internationale des Wagon- Lits' by Albert Muehl and Juergen Klein (1998):
For those interested in history the book '125 years Compagnie Internationale des Wagon-Lits' by Albert Muehl and Juergen Klein trilingual in English, French and German presents a journey into the past depicting the many colour posters that were used to advertise the CIWL trains.
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'Luxury Trains' by George Behrend (1982):
'Luxury Trains' written by world authority George Behrend is a nostalgic rerun of those fabled 'Trains de Luxe'. Remember the dream about England's 'Golden Arrow', America's 'Twentieth Century Limited', Germany's 'Rheingold', France's 'Train Bleu' and the international jet set's 'Orient Express'. On these trains kings travelling incognito together with secret agents, femmes fatales and Hollywood tycoons. 
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